Will you write about my new product/brand/project?

Sure! If you have something you think would be a good fit for Decorenvy, send me an email and I’d love to take a look. Please take a sec to familiarise yourself with the site before getting in touch so you can be sure you’re sending something that’s relevant.

But I already emailed you and you didn’t reply… 

Sorry! I try really hard to respond to emails. Please only send a follow up if you’re convinced I’m destined to write about your product. If you pitched something that’s very obviously not suitable for the blog (such as spa weekends, royal baby-themed memorabilia, kids’ toys, garden sheds) and then you sent a chasing email… I’m sending you all kinds of negative karma from behind my laptop.

Will you review my product? 

I don’t really do ‘reviews’ as such, but I do sometimes accept samples if they’ll photograph nicely for a post. If you have something you think would work, send me an email.

Do you accept sponsored posts?

Very, very occasionally, and only when they are well-aligned with Decorenvy’s aesthetic. All revenue from sponsored content is reinvested into improving the blog, in the form of hosting upgrades, new camera equipment and the like. It’s through collaborations like these that Decorenvy is able to grow.

How can I tell the difference between sponsored content and ordinary content? 

If a fee was paid, I class it as a ‘promotion’ rather than standard editorial. This means it gets clearly labelled as belonging to the promotions category, along with things like reader giveaways and competitions. If I was given a product to photograph myself at home this is usually really obvious from the text, but to be extra clear there’s also a disclosure note at the bottom of the post.

I’m hosting an event. Can you come?

If it’s during office hours, probably not. If it’s after work and there’s free wine, probably yes.

Anything else? 

Get in touch!